The Chamber Minute 05/05/23

The Chamber Minute 05/05/23

The Chamber Minute

Another school year is coming to an end. As we emerge from these COVID times, promoting education has been a challenge for teachers, parents and children. Can you imagine having to face all those needed changes at school, in the past couple years, to simply be able to learn? Kids are resilient.

One rainy Saturday afternoon my wife was standing in line at a local grocery store with three little, blonde haired, blue lipped girls behind her. They were very concerned about how much their groceries were going to cost. They had two packs of hot dogs and a half gallon of chocolate mint ice cream. They continued to ask the checker how much this would be. He said, “Girls, I believe you’ll get eighteen cents back.” My wife asked, “Girls, are you having a party?” “Nope”, replied the oldest. “Our mom’s been sick so we decided to make her supper. We’ll have hot dogs and ice cream.” They had spent the afternoon washing windows and picking up cans to pay for their dinner.

Despite what you read or hear, there is nothing wrong with the basic fiber of today’s kids. It’s our responsibility to help that spirit grow and blossom. We do that by providing them guidance. They face many more pathways in life than we did and we need to help them understand where each path leads. We can spur our children’s growth by providing an example, an example of service. When we volunteer in whatever capacity we chose to serve, it shows them that caring for others is important, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Also we can love them. As they grow up they then will return that love to their families and community.

We are blessed to live in this place at this time. We all have different talents which, when used, make this an even better place. I invite you to join your friends and neighbors at the Chamber working the many opportunities that will continue to make this the best place to live and grow a future.  

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