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The Chamber Minute 04/15/24

The Chamber Minute 04/15/24


Chamber Minute

Rosey in for another minute: It’s Tax time again, and it’s one of those words people just hate, We all really know it’s a necessary thing, and if we all didn’t do our part and pay our share then it would crumble the whole system. If we truly LOVE our Oregon’s Bay Area then we NEED to take care of her, and no matter what our past brought on us, we HAVE to do what’s necessary to make it OUR HOME again, the place we all want to be. I urge you to think about that when voting for our Public Safety Levy in May. If the county doesn’t get help from this levy then county services in our beautiful Bay Area will be cut even further, most by 15%. We cannot allow our Public Safety system to fall apart because they do not have enough money to bring on the staff they need to open up more beds at the jail, and deputy DA’s to prosecute more cases. Criminals also think there aren’t any consequences in Coos County when they commit a crime, right now they aren’t far off. We are massively underfunded and are already 1400 plus cases behind. It’s not just the loitering crimes or vandalizing ones we need to worry about, a broken public safety system causes bigger cases to go unprosecuted. Home & Business break-ins are on the rise, and so is violent crime. This 5-year Public Safety Levy will enable Coos County to handle cases and bring the staffing on board that our county needs. We NEED this money to help our county, if we want to help our area become a little safer to run our businesses and raise our families, then we need to think about helping our county; Put our money where our mouth is and do our part. We currently pay the 2nd lowest into our county fund in the whole state…We have to do better for them. To Give the Jail, the officers, and the District Attorney’s office the tools they need to ensure a better Coos County for us all. 100% of the funds will go to the County for Jail and DA’s critical operational needs. Join the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce in voting yes on ballot measure 6-213. Support can be sent directly to the PAC Public Safety Political Action Committee: Support Public Safety-#23616 to 1291 N 9th street Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. Remember our Business is Helping your Business and don’t forget to heart us on Community Plus and like us on FB

April 17th WBC Wednesday Business Connection Lunch Presents: Tiffany Hirshland Special Olympics Program Mill Casino Salmon Room 11:30 am -1 pm

April 22nd FARR’s Hardware Ribbon Cutting & Reopening, Come celebrate their new entrance & Ribbon cutting at 4:30 pm 880 S 1st street Coos Bay

April 24th WBC Wednesday Business Connection Lunch Presents: Oregon Youth Authority Foster Care program, Mill Casino Hazel Room Upstairs: 11:30 am-1 pm

MAY 1 WBC Wednesday Business Connection Lunch Presents: Public Safety Levy Forum: Commissioner John Sweet, Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio & DA Paul Frasier Q&A DON’T MISS THIS ONE…….