Committee Meeting Times

  • WBC– (Sept-May) Every Wednesday from 11:30-1pm at the Mill Casino in the East Salmon Room
  • Leadership Coos– (Sept-May- tuition required)-Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month all day at rotating locations
  • LC Steering Committee-Meets the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, noon at NB Lanes
  • BACC Board Meeting- Meets the First Wednesday of the month, 7am at the Mill Casino in the Saw Blade Room
  • BACC Executive Meeting- Meets the Last Tuesday of the Month, 3:30-5pm at the Coos Bay VIC
  • Ambassador Meeting- Meets the First Thursday after the Board Meeting, Noon at rotating locations
  • Natural Resources- Meets the Third Friday of the Month, 7am at the Mill Casino Hotel.
  • Tourism- Meets Quarterly, 8 am at the Coos Bay VIC. (Meets monthly if warranted)
  • Education- Meets Rotating Mondays, Noon at SWOCC
  • Transportation- Meets the Second Thursday of the Month, Noon at the Coos Bay VIC
  • Business Development & Support- Meets the First Tuesday of the Month, Noon at SCDC.
  • Marketing & Membership- Meets the Last Friday of the Month, Noon at Coos Bay VIC.
  • Legislative Action Team- Meets the Third Tuesday of the Month, 7am at CB VIC
  • Events- Meets the Second Monday of the Month, Noon at Nasburg Huggins Insurance

Committee Descriptions and Contact Information.


The Chamber’s red-coated welcoming committee greets visiting dignitaries, cuts ribbons at grand openings and assists with Business After Hours events. Meetings are held at noon the First Thursday following the first Board of Directors meeting each month at rotating locations.
Contact: Stacy Dewater at 541-252-9655 ,


Business Development & Support
Advocate for business recruitment, retention and expansion activities in the Bay Area and throughout Coos County. Supports and encourages economic growth, new jobs, new technology that will benefit and strengthen the south coast region, and the infrastructure development that makes it all possible.
Meets  the First Tuesday of the Month, Noon at SCDC.. 
Contact: Michele Hampton at 541-269-4244 or


Natural Resources
Supports two of Oregon’s original key industries, working to educate the public on timber and fishing issues which affect our coastal community and our economy.
Meets the third Friday of each month at 7 AM at the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park
Contact: Timm Slater at 541-294-1011 or


Legislative Action Team
Mission is to serve as an advocate for Chamber members and the business community in local and state issues impacting quality of life, growth, and profitability of member businesses and their employees. Purpose is to increase the Chamber’s influence in the development of public policy concerning issues of critical importance to the future of the Bay Area and its businesses. Gets in on the action at the Oregon legislative sessions and helps shape local government decisions that will maintain a healthy business climate. Conducts candidate forums during election years.
Meets monthly on the third Tuesday, 7am at CB VIC
Contact: Tom Burdett 541-756-7142


Wednesday Business Connection (WBC)
The mission of the Forum Committee is “To provide an opportunity for businesses to network with each other, market products and services and expand their knowledge of the Bay Area business climate”. This committee is charged with continuing the weekly Business Luncheon Forums (with an attendance from 50-100 persons per week). The Forums focus on the positive aspects of doing business in Oregon’s Bay Area. Speakers and subject matter include new businesses moving to the area, business expansions, successful existing businesses and general information that pertains to doing business here. The weekly forum gives an opportunity for networking with other businesses with the prospect of expanding the individual business clientele. The WBC is always seeking new ways to educate the community and expand the value of networking opportunities. Lunch Forums are held each Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:00 at The Mill Casino-Hotel except for the summer months of June, July and August.
Contact: Timm Slater at 541-266-0868 or


Leadership Coos

CoosLeadershipParticipants gain a comprehensive awareness of our area as they prepare for new roles as community leaders and are introduced to businesses and services available throughout the area that they may not have been aware of previously. Speakers share information on the changing and dynamic Bay Area as they facilitate connections between the participants and volunteer opportunities within local community organizations. Program commitment required: Tuition and one day per month from September through May. Enrollment is limited.

Contact: Jolene Krossman @ 541-266-0868, or Christy Wright at


Marketing & Membership 
This team reviews all means of communication, press releases, email notes, website, social media, radio and others, to ensure that our message gets out successfully. They also work on branding the Chamber, develop a tag line, and oversee the monthly Newsletter. They review and improve our mail material to visitors and folks relocating to the area. Our small but mighty team assists Chamber staff in reinforcing the value and benefits of membership to maintain a strong and viable organization. Assist with membership recruitment drives, fund raising projects, regular “Meet & Greet” events and a Mentoring program. Monthly meetings are held the last Friday of the Month, Noon at the Coos Bay Visitor Center
 Contact: Pam Plummer at 541-269-7929 or 


Takes a leadership role in developing and improving tourism partnerships and communications on local, regional, county and state-wide levels. Provide ideas, resources, and programs to support new and expanding tourism-based businesses. One of the most active committees, this group takes action to increase the value and strength of the local tourism industry including everything from highway tour routes and mountain bike trails to hosting the Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism. Meets the Quarterly, 8 am in the CB VIC conference room.

Contact: Allison Richards at 541-982-9345  or


Works continuously to insure that highways, rail and air services are maintained and upgraded to better serve the businesses and residents of the south coast. Meets the second Thursday of the month at noon in the CB VIC conference room.
Contact: Ron Kutch at 541-267-7689 (o) 541-404-4424 (c) or


Our mission is to provide support to our local schools so they have the resources to help students achieve their dream and become productive adults. The committee is supporting the schools by improving communication with business community, monitoring school performance, recognizing excellence, exposing students to careers and job opportunities, enhancing facilities, and advocating for appropriate funding. The committee meets the Second Monday of each month, Noon at the CB Fire Hall.
Contact: Annabel Taylor at 541-435-8504 or