BACC Legislative Action Team

Legislative Action Team
Mission is to serve as an advocate for Chamber members and the business community in local and state issues impacting quality of life, growth, and profitability of member businesses and their employees. Purpose is to increase the Chamber’s influence in the development of public policy concerning issues of critical importance to the future of the Bay Area and its businesses. Gets in on the action at the Oregon legislative sessions and helps shape local government decisions that will maintain a healthy business climate. Conducts candidate forums during election years.
Meets monthly on the third Tuesday, 7am at CB VIC
Contact: Tom Burdett 541-756-7142

BACC Board Minutes

Board of Directors -Minutes

November 4, 2020: 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Back Alley—North Bend Lanes


In attendance: Timm Slater, Angy Miller, Stacey Dewater, Lonni Corona, Tom Watson, Rick Skinner, Dick Leshley, Twila Veysey, Mark Mattecheck, Todd Goergen, Rodger Craddock, Emily Bradley – SCDC, Pam Plummer, Clark Walworth, Ron Kutch, Dominic Jurado, Jeremy Oliver, Allison Richards, Tonya Burkholder, Lisa Farr, Christy Wright, Rick Osborn




  1. Call to Order, Introductions; Pledge to the Flag; Chamber Mission Statement – Lonnie

 President Todd Goergen


  1. Consent Calendar

No Items


  1. President’s Report
  • Fund raising opportunities
  1. Scary Sweets—October 29, 2020
    1. Resounding success
    2. Specific shout out to the committee Rick Skinner, Pam Plummer, Lonni Corona, Lisa Farr, Clark Walworth,
    3. $10,400 raised, Same as the Golf Tournament
    4. Several Sponsors, Donor Sponsors and Bakeries
    5. February event is a possibility


  1. UTV Take Over
    1. Happy to report are donating 10% = $2,500 to the Chamber
  • Annual BACC Planning Session—CB Council Chambers November 6th
    1. All Directors are encouraged to attend this Friday in city council chambers
    2. Section on advocacy and better serve the community
    3. Communication, how to get the message out? What forms of contact?
    4. Chamber Structure, committees’ structure. Taskforce vs committee
    5. Membership—what do they need? How do we stay connected?
  • WBC host for November 18th
    1. Today, Todd is hosting the WBC with John Bacon presenting 11:30 – 1
    2. WBC is bi-weekly for now, who will host on November 18th? Mark Mattecheck volunteered.


  1. Executive Director’s Report
  • 2021-2023 BACC Director Election—Results
    1. Finished last Friday new set are
      • Todd Goergen, Dick Leshley, Rick Skinner, Twila, Lisa Farr, Tracy Peirce & Steve Nye
  • WBC—through the end of 2020
    1. November 18th is Robb Crocker, developer for the Tioga and other buildings
    2. December 2nd CCD Business Development with Theresa will present
    3. 16th of December is still up for grabs
    4. Sponsors are encouraged but none are lined up yet, if you want to contact Timm.
      • Salmon Room east is 48 people with RSVP process that is within guidelines.
  • 2020 Economic Outlook Forum—December 11, 2020
    1. Still working on an actual event, John Mitchell is still keyed in and looking forward. Guy Tower will be presenting.
    2. Fishing will be a focus. Still a multimillion-dollar industry
    3. We will hear from the Port, the Albacore Tuna Commission and the CB NB VCB
    4. Home Grown Business
      • Coos Golf Club
      • Clausens Oysters
    5. Working on live streaming and other ways to maximize the event.
  • 2020 Beef Tickets are here!
    1. Contact Timm for tickets
    2. Ticket sales at Scary Sweets event, 5 beef tickets were sold


  1. Around the Horn: News & announcements.

Clark – do we have all the leadership we need for the Friday event? Clark is not moving forward and does not want to lead. Rick Osbourn will take advocacy. Mark Mattecheck will take the Chamber Structure. With the tribe, the CARES act money they applied for a grant to purchase property in Lane county to open a medical clinic. New business for the tribe.


Roger Craddock – everyone stayed on office he needed to continue the projects. Starbucks just opened up and that is good.


Mark – Expanding the deck area and putting on more roof. It’s going well and bowling is plugging along alright. 80% of the seniors have come back. Maybe send an email to the members regarding the planning session to see what they think is important. Can we invite the North Bend city manager to the Chamber meeting? Can we get an update on the schools have them come in and chat? Maybe the college too.


Stacey – Star of Hope got a $5K grant to purchase more recycle cans. Scary Sweets was amazing for Star of Hope in many ways. The cake they got was great


Lonni – Always hiring and always challenging, but last month was good. This month they give turkeys and goodies to employees so it is a fun month


Tom Watson – Wrapping up the year well. It has been successful. Gave away 150 trick or treat bags. Hired 2 new employees. Looking forward to 2021


Rick Osbourn – Things have been picking up a little year over year.


Rick Skinner – Boomer and Wright are in and we can work on that partnership


Tanya – Wrapping up their season that was okay. A little more busy then normal. Still may need to hire, but adapting to the way things are just different.


Pam – OPB celebrated community bank week and it went well. PPP is still going and rates are low now so the word needs to get out.


Kristy – NB Med is partnering with other facilities. For the community that means all images are going to be easier to access in one record. Big transition, huge transition but will be great.


Allison – Things are busy busy, seems more than before. Projects on the website are being worked on soon there will be a retail shopping page. Promotion for Christmas at the coast. Old fashion drive by light show will hopefully go well and bring in tourist.


Timm – North Bend everything is new. Jessica Engelke took the Mayor position. It will be interesting times with all the new players in North Bend. Get engaged and become part of the citizen committees.



  1. Executive Session: Finances
  • Tentative October YTD financials.
  • Balance Sheet looks pretty stable – does not include the scary sweets event or UTV money
  • Profit and Loss – Income is broken into sections. General operating income seems stable. Membership is holding. New members are down a little but that is understandable. $1600 in new members for October
  • Membership Event – many things have changed this year with BBQ Blues out but other things are very positive.
  • Awards Banquet – Some of this income was from 2019 due to the timing but it is the same each year.
  • Bowling was postponed. Maybe May 2021 dates will work
  • EOF – still coming in
  • WBC and Leadership Coos are down due to the circumstances.
  • We are down, so Special Events are super important
  • Publications – community profile is down a little, but the staff have been promoting and we are on our way to getting the goals met.
  • Map Sales are every other year and web advertising is pretty stable
  • Operating expenses, we are down $26K. We have been really watching our numbers. Staff is part time.
  • Events – we are down due to all the items previously discussed


  1. Adjourn—Next BACC Board meeting December 2, 2020


Remember your face mask. Hand washing stations are available on site.

And all social distancing requirements will be observed.


Chamber Minute

A weekly update from our Executive Director, Timm Slater

The Chamber Minute

The annual Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet was set for Saturday, January 30th. With the COVID-19 restrictions on business and community operations, an actual gathering could not happen by the end of the month. So, we have rescheduled the event for March 27th.  

Besides acknowledging the Officers, Board members, and Committee Chairs for the past year, and introducing the members who will serve in those roles for the upcoming year, we have a variety of awards and recognitions which truly make this a community celebration.

Although the banquet will not be held, either actual or virtual, until the end of March, one of the main events of the evening, we need your help with right now. Citizen of the Year is an honor that is given to a member of our community, who, by consistently giving of their time, energy and resources, has made Oregon’s Bay Area a better place to live. For 2019 that award went to Rachel Richardson, who has made volunteer service a way of life. Her unwavering kindness and respect for everyone she encounters is a near perfect model for how to treat others. Her positivity and willingness to jump in to make a difference is an example for all.

Additionally, the Business of the Year award is given to a business that has exhibited excellence in products and customer service; contributed time, manpower and resources to community improvement projects; and made significant contributions toward a healthy economy through excellence in employee relationships and training. Last year the award went to the Sause Bros Inc., with over 80 years in the ocean towing industry, they promote a culture of community caring, while being successful and respected in their field.  

So how can you help affect these two awards for 2020? By making a nomination for someone or business which you think meets those standards. Nominations are now open through January 31st for both of these honors. Give us a call, look on the website or stop by the Chamber office on Central Avenue in Coos Bay and we can get the nomination forms to you. 

Remember our business is helping your business. And like us on Facebook.


Welcome New Members

Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
New Members

Gift Company Doormat Welcome Flowers, Coconut, Colorful, 75 x 2 x 45 cm: Kitchen & Home












No description available.
“Alpha Heating & Air is a customer focused heating and air conditioning company, serving Bandon, Coos Bay & surrounding areas.  With the right service provider by your side, you can endure that you and your loved ones always remain comfortable at home.”

Contact: David Boom at 541-329-5536,

Located at: 50510 Hwy 101, Bandon, OR97411



File:AT&T logo 2016.svg - Wikimedia Commons

“Completely renovated AT&T location, with competitive prices and the fastest wireless network .  We offer ways to stay connected through cell phones, tablets and now offer TV services through Direct TV.

Contact Dali Rivera at the local office 541-756-7490 / 253-414-8777 or email

Located at: 1298 N. Bayshore Dr. Coos Bay, OR97420

Beach Dogs Canine Behavior Consultants 

May be an image of 1 person, animal and outdoors
“We are dedicated to helping your canine companion and you have the best relationship. Understanding why your dog exhibits some behaviors will help you know how to modify them in a ” FORCE FREE” way that is rewarding for you both. Learning should be fun and engaging! The end result can be realized without causing stress and intimidation to your dog. Give us a call today and get them on the path to building a strong bond that is based on foundation of TRUST.”
Contact: Jan M. Gordon at 541-294-1948, or
Located in Bandon, OR. PO Box 1823.


Archer Farms 

Angela Archer
94753 Haynes Way Ln.
North Bend, OR 97459
“Female owned and operated Farm, Wedding Venue & Event Center.
We specialize in local products and are opening a store front on the 101.”

Real Deals 

Rick & Dani Stevens
790 N. Bayshore Dr.
Coos Bay, OR 97420
“Irresistible prices on home décor & the latest fashion & accessories. There’s inspiration around every corner in our locally-owned shoppe! We hand-pick pieces for every personal style and season, with new items arriving daily”

Directors Mortgage- Southern Oregon Coast

Located at 225 N. 2nd St. Coos Bay, OR 97420
Contact Sheree Swinson at 541-435-7250,…/southern-oregon-coast/

“Directors Mortgage specializes in residential mortgage loans, purchases, refinances, construction loans, reverse mortgages & debt consolidation. As a local lender with a branch here on the Southern Oregon Coast we are focused on providing service with a personal touch. NMLS #3240, Arizona Mortgage Banker License BK-0942517”


Benjamin Smith
North Bend, OR 97459
“SCNC Tech is dedicated to helping small businesses improve their online presence.  We build and redesign websites that use the latest technology at an affordable price.”

Personal Member
Wigle, Kent


Midwest Coast Flooring 
Midwest Coast Flooring - Oregon Coast Directory
Located at 1195 Newmark Ave.  Ste C
Coos Bay, OR 97420
Sommer Skogman

“We have over 30 years of flooring experience.  We have been installing in Coos County going on 5 years and we have recently opened a showroom to sell flooring.  We do all of our installing in house and pride ourselves on doing a job well done and staying within budget.”

Rogue Credit Union

Located at 1010 First St. SE
Bandon, OR 97411
Dominic Jurado

“Beginning in 1956, a group of ten local teachers gathered together to form a credit union designed to serve their member-owners and their community. Today, Rogue Credit Union has grown to a financial cooperative with branches in Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine, Douglas and Klamath Counties. Today, we serve over 150,000 members with an asset base of over $2 billion. But what’s most important is not our assets, but holding true to our DNA by giving back to our members and our communities.”

Located at: 145 S. Broadway. Coos Bay, OR 97420.
Contact: Amarissa Wooden at 541-808-9700 or
“Wild Coast Running Co. is a run specialty shop located in Beautiful Downtown Coos Bay and serving the Southern Oregon Coast with quality athletic footwear, apparel and accessories.”

Crown Roofing 
Crown Roofing, Coos County, Oregon

Located at: 92582 Cape Arago Hwy,  Coos Bay, OR 97420
Contact:  Sherry Oaks, 541-888-3207,

Our Company is a family Business that’s been around for 43 years.  Our Dad started it and now us kids are running it.  Roofing is in our blood.  We strive for Quality.


Vintage 101 - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Vintage 101 is located at 270 S. Broadway, downtown Coos Bay!
Contact: Lorna or Madeline Lewis at 541-808-0980,
“Antique mall featuring vintage collectibles, furniture and décor, from rustic to mid-century modern, plus vinyl records and fine chocolates.”


Flat Roofing Contractors in Roseburg - Rich Rayburn Roofing | Rich Rayburn Roofing has been waterproofing flat roofs with IB Roof Systems Lifetime and maintenance free products in Coos Bay, Klamath Falls,

Rich Rayburn Roofing, LLC is located at 1185 S. 1st St.  Coos Bay, OR 97420.
Contact: Donna Rayburn, 541-267-7476,,

“Roofing Contractor- Specializing in Flat & Low Pitch Roofs.  We install gutters and gutter covers.  Residential and Commercial applications.


Alive After Five: Olivia's Cottage | Greater Bandon Association

Olivia’s Cottage is located at:  165 Alabama Ave. SE  Bandon, OR 97411
Contact: Olivia Andor, 541-329-1019,,

“Olivia Andor Marketing Specializes in retail marketing & building successful stores.  Olivia’s Cottage is a specialty shop, offering unique affordable gifts, accessories, gourmet organic pastas, teas, custom baskets, Oli the crab gifts and a published book by Olivia Andor.  The store is Faith based and positive atmosphere in the stone.


Former employee steps into Jennie's Shoes | Business |

Jennie’s Shoes is located at: 262 Central Ave. Coos Bay
Contact: Suzy Gibbs – 541-267-2012,

“Retail Shoe Store, Men’s & Women’s.  We do custom fitting, and specialize in comfortable casual, and workplace shoes”



Coos Bay | Ziply

Ziply Fiber is located at:  276 Laclair St.  Coos Bay
Contact:  Valerie Henson, 541-404-8813,,

“We’re Ziply Fiber.  Nice to meet you.

The best internet possible starts with fiber optic speeds and reliable connections on a modern
network – built by a local company with the capital and drive to see it through. It also means
making things simple and easy for you, with super service and pricing that skips the gimmicks.

We’re dedicated to bringing fiber to more than one million Northwest homes and businesses,
many of which have been underserved for decades. We will accomplish this in your community and throughout
the entire region – efficiently and capably, responsibly and enthusiastically. after all,
we’re your neighbors too.

If this sounds like a refreshingly great experience, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Ziply, and
we’re here to connect you to the things that matter most to you.”

Past to Present Emporium LLC 

Image result for past to present emporium coos bay oregon

Past to Present Emporium is located at: 247 N. Broadway, Coos Bay.
Contact: Owner, Shawn Liggett-Torres, 541-808-9553,
” Past to Present Emporium is an antique/vintage store. We also sell local art from wall art, pottery, and handcrafted soaps. We have a nice selection of antique and vintage furniture on consignment.
– Coming Soon are hands-on to educational classes. “

Steel Creek Bookkeeping LLC 

Steel Creek Bookkeeping is located at:  56454 Miller Rd.  Myrtle Point
Contact: Wendy Carlson, 541-375-0477,,
“Bookkeeping service with Quickbooks Online certification”

Acting Up – For Kids and Teens 

Acting Up- For Kids and Teens is located at:  158 Market Ave.  Coos Bay.
Contact: Owner, Desiree Glenn Gaoiran, 541-252-0679,
Find out more at:
“Acting Workshops and Personal Development Classes for Kids and Teens.”

Layton Lumber & Hardware LLC 

Layton Lumber & Hardware LLC is located at:  10054 HWY 42, Coquille.
Contact:  Sarah Layton, 541-396-4264,

Immediate Care Center at NBMC

Immediate Care Clinic
Immediate Care Clinic at NBMC is located at:  1900 Woodland Dr.  Coos Bay
Contact:  541-266-1789

“The Immediate Care Clinic offers convenient and affordable patient care seven days per week. Our professional, caring providers are available to treat symptoms for patients of all ages that require immediate medical attention, but are not considered life-threatening.”

7:00 am to 7:00 pm – Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm – Saturday and Sunday

1900 Woodland Drive
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

No appointment is necessary; just drop in and you’ll find:

  • A clean, comfortable clinic with professional and caring staff
  • Medical evaluations and treatment of non-life-threatening injuries
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging technology (X-ray, MRI and CT)
  • Full service Laboratory
  • Full-time Physician Medical Director on staff
  • Consultations for various specialties and referral sources available

Southwestern Oregon Public Defender Services 

Southwestern Oregon Public Defenders Service, Inc. - a North Bend, Oregon (OR) Criminal Law Law Firm

Southwestern Oregon Public Defender Services is located at:  465 Elrod Ave.  Ste 201, Coos Bay.
Contact” Laynie Wilson, 541-267-2472,

NC Electronics INC 


NC Electronics Inc. is located at 42820 Port Orford Loop.  Port Orford
Contact:  Rich Amason, 541-3327004,,

Discounts for Chamber Members




If you would like to offer a discount to members, please email Jolene at 
Include in subject line: “Chamber Discount” and provide any information and photos you would like to include.