Chamber Minute

A weekly update from our Executive Director, Timm Slater

The Chamber Minute

The annual Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet was set for Saturday, January 30th. With the COVID-19 restrictions on business and community operations, an actual gathering could not happen by the end of the month. So, we have rescheduled the event for March 27th.  

Besides acknowledging the Officers, Board members, and Committee Chairs for the past year, and introducing the members who will serve in those roles for the upcoming year, we have a variety of awards and recognitions which truly make this a community celebration.

Although the banquet will not be held, either actual or virtual, until the end of March, one of the main events of the evening, we need your help with right now. Citizen of the Year is an honor that is given to a member of our community, who, by consistently giving of their time, energy and resources, has made Oregon’s Bay Area a better place to live. For 2019 that award went to Rachel Richardson, who has made volunteer service a way of life. Her unwavering kindness and respect for everyone she encounters is a near perfect model for how to treat others. Her positivity and willingness to jump in to make a difference is an example for all.

Additionally, the Business of the Year award is given to a business that has exhibited excellence in products and customer service; contributed time, manpower and resources to community improvement projects; and made significant contributions toward a healthy economy through excellence in employee relationships and training. Last year the award went to the Sause Bros Inc., with over 80 years in the ocean towing industry, they promote a culture of community caring, while being successful and respected in their field.  

So how can you help affect these two awards for 2020? By making a nomination for someone or business which you think meets those standards. Nominations are now open through January 31st for both of these honors. Give us a call, look on the website or stop by the Chamber office on Central Avenue in Coos Bay and we can get the nomination forms to you. 

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