New Business Challenge


The Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee is preparing the 2018 New Business Challenge grant to encourage business growth in the Bay Area.  The New Business Challenge will recognize a new business for its likelihood of success based on a business plan competition.  We believe that recognizing and rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit will encourage solid small business growth in our area.

We are working to make this a dynamic grant of cash, products or in-kind services donated by local businesses.   We encourage sponsorship by giving recognition to the sponsor businesses which we hope benefits them as well.  We will publish newsletter articles and announce sponsor names in any venues possible.   We encourage the winning business to continue their business relationship with sponsor businesses after the grant has ended.  Connie Huntsman CPA, winner of the 2017 New Business Challenge grant, says “The sponsorship received from local businesses was a big benefit to my business venture.”  Previous New Business Challenge grant award packages have ranged from $6,000 – $19,000.

This is your opportunity to work with a small company that could become a future customer, to do something specific to assist economic development in our community, and to promote your own business at the same time.  Your commitment to the program would be a minimum of $500 of your services, products or cash, the details of which can be worked out to your convenience.  We encourage a sponsorship commitment of $2,500 if that is possible.  All sponsorships of $500 or more will be accepted to allow us to provide the best possible package to the winner of the New Business Challenge grant.

A copy of our draft application is available on request.  You will see that it is a rigorous business planning process.  We are anticipating five to seven applicants and look forward to selecting one that appears to be a potential, successful, growth business.  We believe this program will increase the number of new, small businesses that are offering jobs and growing because of the support of successful businesses like yours.

To be a sponsor, please complete and sign the second page of this letter, include what your company will provide, contact information, instructions for using the sponsorship and return the form to the Chamber or to the Small Business Development Center.  If you have questions about the award program, please call Timm Slater at (541) 266-0868 or Arlene Soto at (541) 888-7001  We look forward to hearing from you.


Arlene M. Soto                Timm Slater


2017 New Business Challenge Grant Sponsorship



Name of business:_____________________________________


Contact person: _______________________________________


Phone: ______________________________________________


Email: _______________________________________________


Mailing address: _______________________________________


I/we agree to provide the following to the winner of the 2018 New Business Challenge grant starting in December 2017 and ending December 15, 2018__________________________________________________









Signature of representative:_____________________________________________________________


Date signed:__________________________________________

Minimum contribution of in-kind services or cash $500.


In an effort to provide the best possible package to the winner of the New Business Challenge grant all sponsorship contributions of $500 or more will be accepted.  All sponsors will be recognized whenever possible for their support of economic development in the Bay Area.


To Apply for the New Business Challenge Grant- Please CLICK HERE