Chamber Minutes

An weekly update from our Executive Director, Timm Slater…


Good morning, this is Timm Slater with your weekly Chamber minute.

Every year, about this time, I conduct a one on one conversation with each of the 21 elected members of the Chamber Board which we call Director Chats. The purpose is to get their sense of where the organization is at and where it’s headed. Let me share some of those insights with you through their own comments.

Membership Outreach

Let’s figure out how to invite and welcome entrepreneurs to our community. Folks need to know how to get through the hoops.
We need to supply the information and support for those trying to establish new businesses, especially for young entrepreneurs.
Would like to see our members be the Chamber’s billboard for membership.
We should build the pride in being a member. That will be a focus of the upcoming membership blitz.
To create a bigger footprint in the community we need to focus on membership. Help them see what we do for them
Face to face time with our members is important.
With our membership invoices we should include a small thank you card or membership anniversary celebration.

Our chamber fights for a change in our community and looks at all sides of issues. A good example was the BEST bond healthy debate.
Appreciate the process of determining how we take positions for the Chamber.
There is a lot of LAT activity which seems very promising.
The Chamber is an advocate for community and business.
It’s good we are more involved with advocacy for business issues.
LAT is huge especially for small business. We are looking out for their interests. We should advertise that benefit better to them.
The Chamber is an advocate for community and business.
LAT is the Legislative Action Team of your Chamber.

Oops, it looks like I’m out of time, so we will continue this report next week.

This is Timm Slater for the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, remember our business is helping your business. And like us on Facebook.


The Chamber Minute
Folks talk about this time of year being the dog days, a period of inactivity in the hot summertime. But unless that dog is a racing greyhound, that’s not the way your chamber sees August. This is a big month for organizing, planning and setting the stage for our many activities that fill the fall. Let me share a few of those with you.
• Taking Care of Business X, (our bowling fundraiser) will be held Thursday August 30th at North Bend Lanes. It will be a great night of fun, fellowship and marginal bowling.
• Leadership Coos has finalized its 30th class, and is completing the program logistics to start on September 11th.
• The annual on-line survey of our membership is scheduled for September with the results being used by the Directors in our 2019 planning process.
• The Wednesday Business Connection will return on Wednesday September 5th. We are currently scheduling speakers for the entire WBC season.
• The 26th Economic Outlook Forum is set for December 14th. The initial planning meeting to identify speakers and businesses to participate will be held toward the end of August.
• We have been hard at work on ad sales for the 2019 Business Directory and Community Profile. If now one has chatted with you yet, You will hear more about this opportunity soon.
• And final preparations are underway for our fifth golf tournament on Saturday September 22nd once again at Bandon Crossings.
Lots of great things developing right now and lots of opportunities for you to be involved. Give me a call and we will get you into the action!
Remember our business is helping your business. And like us on Facebook.