Chamber Minutes

An weekly update from our Executive Director, Timm Slater…

The Chamber Minute-10/27/18

When I first ran for city council, many years ago, I was looking for a way to convey the commitment and energy I thought a councilor should have. While looking through a local antique store, I found an early ‘40s book on the Little Red Hen. As you recall she found some wheat grains. She then asked for help in planting, tending, harvesting, processing and baking the product. But she found no one was interested in working to get the prize—warm fresh bread. So she did it herself and made a difference. That’s the attitude of success.

Your Bay Area Chamber has a whole flock of little red hens and roosters. We are truly benefiting by the “mountains of bread” they are producing. The Legislative Action Team, active and successful in prior sessions, actively participated in the 2017 legislative session to promote business and community. That included sponsoring another round of regular teleconferences with our legislators. Through Leadership Coos, in its 30th year, participants gain a comprehensive awareness of our area, its businesses and services available, as they prepare for new roles as community leaders. The Ambassadors are increasingly visible at new business openings and hosting those wonderful Business after Hours each month. The Marketing and Communication team maintains an active social media program and has developed content and formats for communication among members and local outreach. 

That’s just a snapshot of the many, many active committees and services your chamber has going on right now. If you haven’t found a place to plant your seeds to make a difference, why not check us out today?

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The Chamber Minute-10/20/18

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes and what is important to community life changes? Do you remember North Bend Electric Company or the Rubber Duck or the Top Hat drive in? Change, that is directed with vision, can chart a course to a great future.

In a study about nations, it was asked, is a nation’s positive image of its future a function of its success or is its success a function of its positive image of its future? What they found was, in all cases, significant vision preceded significant success. Many nations began their climb to greatness without the right resources, population base or strategic advantages. What they did have was a detailed, extensive and significant vision of what they could become. This is also true about communities, businesses and even you. So, how about helping detail our vision for Oregon’s Bay Area.

What are the most noticeable differences you would like to see here in 2029? What would be different? How will the population mix differ from what it is now? What lifestyle changes have taken place? How will these differences affect your city? How will local government be different? What would it be like to live here? What would be the same?

I’m asking each of you to take some time, put some thought into it and detail your 2029 vision for our home. Use some of your BOLD ideas in the plan. This is an open book test, so get as much help from your family and friends as you want. Please share your thoughts with me at the Chamber office. I’ll compile that response and get it out to all of you. Your ideas are critical to our success. This is really the first step in creating our own future. So, like the old hymn, we can “brighten the corner where you are”.

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The Chamber Minute.- 10/13/18

A while ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Washington D. C. Although most of what I did was work, I did end up with a few hours to look around. I went through the Capitol Building and saw historic chambers used for the Supreme Court and the early House of Representatives.  I also sat in the Senate Chamber. While listening to the debate, I looked at the ancient desks and thought of the multitudes of issues that have been argued over them.

I also found a lot of other things in our Nation’s capitol. Weather was marginal, people were often very abrupt and prices were out of this world. It was good to get home.

We are truly blessed to live on the Oregon Coast where our surroundings are beautiful, our weather is wonderful year round, and the people you meet on the street actually talk to you. If we love this community, we must work to keep it and to improve it for tomorrow. We work, as volunteers. Volunteers addressing issues that we feel are important. What needs do you see? Let me encourage you to find your answer and do something. Your willingness to step up, simply because it’s the right thing to do, will determine how outstanding Oregon’s Bay Area can be.

What do you expect this area to be in ten years? Your expectations are important, because seldom do you exceed them. You don’t get what you want, you get what you expect. So let’s expect greatness and figure out what we need to get there. One key is to be an active member in your Chamber. With like minded people, looking to make something happen, we find opportunities and solutions for today and tomorrow. Give me a call and I’ll set you up.

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The Chamber Minute-10/06/18

A community tradition was born in 1987 when the Friends of Shore Acres decided to “string a few lights” to help celebrate the holidays. That first season, 6,000 miniature lights, one large Christmas tree, and the decorated Garden House drew 9,000 visitors.

 Now in its 32nd year of bringing magic to the Coast, Holiday Lights with 325,000 LED lights – many decorated Christmas trees, lighted sculptures, entertainment in the pavilion, and a beautifully decorated Garden House draws 40,000 to 50,000 visitors each season. Inside the Garden House, scrolls of names are a tribute to business supporters and the more than 1,700 volunteers who make it happen.

So beginning Thanksgiving day through the entire month of December, plan to make the trip to Shore Acres for Holiday Lights. Don’t forget to sign the registry in the Garden House and enjoy the free hot spiced cider and cookies.

But why bring that up now? Well Saturday October 13th the light stringing at Shore Acres starts and lasts for up to 6 weekends. Anyone is welcome to come on out and participate. Just show up at 10 am on either Saturday or Sunday, and they will give you a job. Hey, you even get a free lunch. 

Holiday Lights is the premiere annual project of the Friends of Shore Acres. All of the Friends’ activities are done in cooperation with Shore Acres State Park and the Sunset Bay Management Unit. The outstanding cooperation of everyone involved sets an excellent example for other similar groups to follow. So, come join the fun.

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